With the Idaho State Legislature being in session for over a month now, Senator Michelle Stennett said she hasn't seen many new bills lately, but the governor just initiated a work force task force that Stennett is a part of. She said the point of the task force is to work with industry and educational institutions to gear education toward future employment.

"The idea is for us government to get out of the way and the education institutions work together, and that we just help navigate as far as what we'll need to do once they make that decision from a legislative perspective," Stennett said.

She also said Idahoans are currently worried about the transportation infrastructure.

"Given what we're seeing right now with the weather - I think there are 22 counties who have declared an emergency - and roads are in terrible shape and bridges are being compromised. I hope that we do something this year because I think that we're going to be in desperate need of funds to the transportation department for what's ahead of us," Stennett said.

Representative Ron Nate said a bill the House of Representatives is working on right now would regulate bounty hunters.

"Well, you know, bounty hunters, they go out there and they help look for bad guys, too," Nate said. "And there's something good about that. As long as their operating within the law, I encourage them to do that work. And so I sure wouldn't want to pile so many regulations on that we hurt somebody's livelihood or somebody's way to do their profession."

Nate said he has seen a lot of committees shut down because they don't have anything to work on right now.

"The target date, I think, was March 24 - based on the number of bills coming through and the activities in committees, I don't see any reason that we could not be done by March 24," Nate said. "That would be good."