The 2017 Idaho Legislative Session is scheduled to end tomorrow and we spoke with two Idaho legislatures about what's happening in Boise this week.

Senator Janie Ward-Engelking (D) from District 18 in Boise spoke with us about the gap population and the legislation that was not successful in passing through the Senate.

"We had an opportunity to take $10 million of the Millennial Fund money, and that's money from the tobacco settlement every year," Senator Ward-Engelking said. "We have that money available to us for us to spend, and we were hoping to take some of that money and leverage it and get the $90 million from the federal government as a match, and be able to cover the total gap population. And unfortunately that's not going to happen."

Senator Ward-Engelking said the Idaho Senate is working to wrap up this week to be able to end on schedule.

Representative Ron Nate (R) from District 34 in Rexburg said he would prefer to stay longer and finish the session correctly.

"I think there's a big push to get done by Friday," Representative Nate said. "But, my perspective is, rather than be in a hurry and vote on thins that haven't been properly vetted or testified on, I would rather spend a few days and get policy right than to hurry things through, and to end up with some bad laws, essentially, like we did a couple years ago."

Click below to listen to our full interviews with Senator Janie Ward-Engelking and Representative Ron Nate.