BYU-Idaho Radio · Ariel Agenbroad speaks on the importance to local farmers markets

It’s farmers market season and in the state of Idaho there are 48 farmers markets that allow the community to go to and enjoy locally grown produce and other local products. 

Ariel Agenbroad with the Idaho Farmers Market Association says this is important for the growth of communities in the state of Idaho. 

“Idaho Farmers Markets serve several important functions in our Idaho communities,” Agenbroad said. “They support agricultural entrepreneurship and the livelihood of small scale family farmers, ranchers, and food producers. Markets also enhance local economies, they drive new business developments and urban revitalization.” 

In surveys done by the IdahoFMA they have found that many customers continue to go to farmers markets for the fresh produce. 

“Fresh produce is rich in vitamins and nutrients that are needed to maintain a healthy immune system, and I think that in both urban and rural areas, Idaho farmers markets are a very important place for accessing fresh, seasonal, locally grown and specialty crops,” Agenbroad said. 

The list of 48 markets is a record high for the state of Idaho, and even despite technological advances that have halted other community events, farmers markets seem to continue to keep growing. 

“It’s a place to escape from that,” Agenbroad said. “People are wanting to have a reconnection with the natural world, and I think that farmers markets bring that.” 

If you want to find your local farmers market you can visit the IdahoFMA page to visit their farmers market directory. You can visit that directory here.