The Idaho Falls Zoo is offering a help to parents who are looking for things their kids can do over the upcoming winter break.

Every year the Idaho Falls Zoo offers classes to children ages 5 to 13 starting on Dec. 27 and running until Jan. 3. This is an opportunity for kids to learn about the animals and how they survive and act during the winter.

Sunny Katseanes, the education curator at the Idaho Falls Zoo, says there are two options for people who are interested. They have one-day and two-day classes available. Each class is limited to 20 children.

“Kids can sign up for both options if they like to have a multi-day experience or just sign up for one, whatever works for their schedule,” Katseanes said.

Each year they study something a bit different, so children who have come to classes in the past will learn new things as well.

In addition to the winter break classes, each month the zoo holds classes for toddlers. They meet once a month and each month they cover a different topic. The program is intended for a parent or guardian to be present during the class.

“We just have a great time, we read stories, we do coloring, we go out into the zoo and explore [to see] the animals, sometimes like last month we make treats for the animals,” Katseanes said. “Just really fun activities that engage the toddlers.”

To sign up for classes and get more information visit the zoo’s website at