The Idaho Falls Symphony has experienced many changes this year. With COVID-19 restrictions, the symphony chose to cancel all in-person concerts for its current season. This is season 71 for the Idaho Falls Symphony.  

It’s a combination this year of live streamed events that are happening concurrent with the viewership online, and then there are some performances that we are going to pre-record and then re-release,said Thomas Heuser, the music director and conductor of the Idaho Falls Symphony.  

The Idaho Falls Symphony’s theme for season 71 is fast forward. They chose the theme in February of this year, and decided it still fits. To incorporate the theme, they will be featuring music from living composers and composers of color in their concerts.  

Despite the challenges of creating an online performance. Heuser said the change could be a good thing.  

Again, the silver lining is there. We can reach everybody and hope to attract really big audiences for these performances,Heuser said.  

This year, the Idaho Falls Symphony’s concerts will be available online. Families can purchase a season pass or individual concert tickets. Heuser said while this experience has been difficult, he is glad the symphony can bring music to people’s homes.  

“…that transition has been tough for us to realize that we can’t bring our people together, but we still can bring music to everyone. That’s what we’re doing as safely as possible, Heuser said. 

More information and tickets are available online at