BYU-Idaho Radio · Idaho Falls Police Station Groundbreaking

The Idaho Falls police department broke ground today for its new police station. When you envision infrastructure, you probably think of roads, hospitals, courthouses, other municipal buildings, fire stations, and, most likely, a police station.

Well, that hasn't been the case for Idaho Falls. The city, which has been around officially for 158 years, has never had a dedicated police station.

Instead, for the past century and a half, the police officers in Idaho Falls have served from multiple offices and rented out spaces across the city, but now construction for an official police station has begun in city of Idaho Falls which hosted a ceremonial shoveling of the new location this morning.

A crowd of citizens, city council members and first responders including those from the Idaho Falls Police and Fire departments attended the ceremonial event.

The new station will be at 701 Northgate Mile, where the old cattle yard used to stand.