BYU-Idaho Radio · Kevin Greene talks about the upcoming IF Chukars Season

“We are always excited, it means summer is here. It means professional baseball has returned to Idaho Falls,” said Kevin Greene, the general manager for the Idaho Falls Chukars. 

The Idaho Falls Chukars, and the variations, have been in Idaho for over 80 years. Currently, it is the only professional sports team in all of Eastern Idaho and it just keeps growing. 

“[My] first year here in 1993 I think we drew in about 40,000 fans for that season and this last year I think we drew over 110,000 fans,” Greene said. “So, the attendance and support continue to grow especially as this region grows and as the population grows.” 

It’s status as the only professional sport in the area won’t last long. Another sport will join the baseball team to become the second spectator sport in the Idaho Falls area and the second professional sports team in Eastern Idaho. 

Hockey will begin when the new Mountain America Center opens. 

“And we will be bringing what is called Junior A Hockey to Idaho Falls this fall,” Greene said. 

The hockey games may not start until November, but people are excited to see hockey come to Idaho Falls. 

“Just to put some things into perspective about the excitement we are seeing about hockey. We usually sell 900 season tickets for baseball in a year. We are over 1,500 season seats for hockey already,” Greene said. 

To get tickets for either sport you can visit the IF Chukars website here or you can call their ticketing office.