Families and college students will soon have a new way to enjoy the winter time in Rexburg: an outdoor ice rink.

All it took was one man's idea: bring back a winter staple to the community.

"There used to be an old ice-skating rink where the dog pound is, back in the nineties; it's been gone for ten-plus years," said Jon Hepworth, owner of Tri-State Tire in Rexburg.

"(We) business owners over at Tri-State Tires were just talking about it, and I thought, 'How cool would that be, if we had another rink like that?'"

Hepworth reached out to the city to get his idea approved. The city decided to place the rink in Riverside Park next to Rexburg Rapids.

"It's still a small town, it's very rural still, and especially during winter times like these, it'll be [an] opportunity for people to get out of their house and to enjoy good times with their families and friends," Hepworth said.

Rexburg Mayor Jerry Merrill says the rink still needs about an inch of ice before the it can open. He also explained if families and individuals don't have their own ice-skates, the rink will offer pairs for free.

Mayor Merrill says to check out the City of Rexburg's Facebook page for the opening of the rink.