Brian Felt, Dean of Foundations & Interdisciplinary Studies spoke in a Devotional today about serving others the way the Savior would have us serve. He began by quoting Matthew chapter 25:31-40 and proceeded to go into detail about each point.

In the verses regarding hunger and thirst, Felt explained the importance of these natural needs and shared that we can give food through donations as well as invite people to the "Living Water" and "Bread of Life". He shared a story of when he was in St. Petersburg Russia and had to go to the store to buy drinking water because the tap was not healthy to drink due to bacteria such as giardia lamblia. He mentioned that purified water is hard to find even in the United States.

Different Water in St. Petersburg

"In a similar way, pure spiritual water is a rather scarce thing in today's world. Just like the orange water we saw in the middle and left bottles in the picture, much of the spiritual water available and promoted by the world today is filthy and spiritually harmful-it's full of spiritual giardia," said Felt. "Would you drink the contaminated water from the middle bottle? I hope not!"

In the verses about taking others in and visiting the sick Felt shared that in Russian the words used for "ye took me in" translate to "'to accept, receive, admit; allow to join." Felt encouraged listeners to serve by accepting others and building people up who may feel like they are outcasts.

"Not just physically inviting people in to their home, but also in a more spiritual and social way," said Felt in an interview. "To be more inclusive, to be more willing to draw in those and invite others in who might feel themselves strangers."

Felt ended his Devotional by asking people if they have ever held back when prompted to serve others and quoted the last verse in the scriptures used as his topic, "Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye ahve done it unto one of the lease of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." (Matthew 25:40)

Listen to the devotional below. Click here to watch the video or read the full transcript.