BYU-Idaho Radio · Sister Sahar Qumsiyeh Devotional- May 11 2021

This week’s BYU-Idaho devotional speaker was Sister Sahar Qumsiyeh of BYU-Idaho’s Mathematics Department. She spoke about the blessings and strength Jesus Christ has to offer each of us. 

 She reminded listeners that Christ’s atonement offers us more than redemption from sin. It also provides us with “enabling power” to achieve what is required of us.  

 She specifically focused on two things. The first is that the Savior gives us power beyond our own. 

 “The Savior gave us the power to become Gods,” she said. He enabled us so that we would be able to perform miracles through Him. But we must understand that this kind of power is not free.”  

 She said that faith gives us the power to do many things, after all we can do. This includes having faith, obeying God’s commandments and putting in effort.  

 The second thing she focused on was that the Savior gives us power to endure trials.  

 “Heavenly Father rarely removes our trials,” Qumsiyeh said. He does, however, give us strength to endure them and learn from them.”  

She said that while our trials are rarely taken from us, Heavenly Father is always there to strengthen us. He provides a way for everyone to find the strength to overcome and to learn from their experiences.  

 She also reminded listeners that the best way to tap into the Lord’s power is to focus their lives on God and his plan of salvation. She said a great way to do this is to turn off other sources, focus on the light of Christ and read the Book of Mormon.  

BYU-Idaho Radio · An Interview with Sister Sahar Qumsiyeh

“There’s a light that comes, we just have to be patient and wait for it, she said in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio.