In life, we all need hope, especially during hard times. Now, Rexburg has a place designed to help people boost their level of hope.

Hope Gardens is a place in Rexburg that invites people to come in and decorate locks and rocks by colorfully designing it with the word “hope” written somewhere on it.

“[The gardens] was an idea… in response to those folks who struggle with suicidal thoughts,” Rick Croft, the Program Director of Madison Cares, said. “Hope is present all over the place…[and] we didn’t want to limit hope.”

Croft said that they provide locks and rocks to people who come to visit Hope Gardens between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. every Thursday. He also said that those who come after that wouldn’t be turned away either.

Croft said that people could come by at almost any time, even if they bring their own supplies to decorate outside of their regular hours.

“Given all the troubling things that are going on in the world and in our country right now, especially with COVID-19… those things can… wear us down,” Croft said. “It’s important to use our vision to recognize what things in our life give us hope.”

Croft said that he estimates there are already around 120 locks on the fence.

Anyone who is interested in stopping by the Hope Gardens can visit them at 60 West Main Street in Rexburg.