BYU-Idaho Radio · Hope and Recovery Resource Center Inc. offers addiction recovery for the whole family

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, Hope and Recovery Resource Center Inc. is starting a program that specializes in addiction recovery for entire families, in a way that helps everyone heal together from the addictive behaviors of loved ones. 

“This is a 16-week program designed to meet the needs of the entire family because when one person in a family is struggling with addiction it affects the whole family,” said Kraig L. Boyd the board chair of Hope and Recovery Resource Center Inc. 

According to the Hope and Recovery Resource Center, addicts and alcoholics participating in family-centered programs have higher chances of maintaining sobriety for longer periods of time and their children face lower risks of abuse, and better outcomes have been seen for at-risk children. 

“We say that it is actually a family disease because everyone is impacted and often those impacted the most are children and there aren’t a lot of other resources to help children with parents who are struggling with addiction or who are in early recovery from an addiction,” said Boyd. 

The program acknowledges that the actions of just one person in a family can affect all members in negative ways. They each need recovery and healing on different levels, especially for spouses and children who tend to view negative aspects of family life as their fault, although that may not be true, Boyd said. 

“Children will often take responsibility for adult problems like addiction and think ‘if I was a better kid then mom wouldn’t drink or dad wouldn't go to the bar,’” Boyd said. 

During the family recovery night, the families who participate will enjoy a healthy meal and activity together, separate into age-appropriate groups, have an age-appropriate discussion on the topic of addiction, then reunite and share what they have learned. 

Their primary care center is in Pocatello with outreach facilities in American Falls and Soda Springs. You can visit their website here or call 208-417-1749.