One of the greatest messages the scriptures often convey is how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us. After all, the Savior died so we could return to our Father again. This week, William Lewis hammered home this point in his BYU-Idaho devotional address. 

The application systems engineer for the campus talked about “His Infinite Love,” which is the name of his address. In the entire talk, he wrapped everything around one point: Heavenly Father loves us. 

Our Father in Heaven has such infinite love for us. He loves his children. Every one of us, we are all so very important to him,” he said in his talk. 

Lewis emphasized that there should be no doubt that Heavenly Father loves us because of the blessings we have received. 

God blessed us with this home called Earth. The human being is so fragile. Think about what needs to be in place just to support life,” he said. The earth relative to the sun, its rotation, an atmosphere, water, plant and animal life, a tabernacle for our spirit, develop families, gain experiences, obtain knowledge along with so many other blessings.” 

His invitation was to urge others to receive God’s love so we can see the blessings in our lives. 

It is a wonderful feeling. Let’s all strive to feel Gods love more in our lives,” said Lewis. 

In an interview before the airing of the devotional, Lewis told BYU-Idaho Radio that God is always ready to show us His love, we just need to be ready to receive it. 

God is always there for you, no matter your struggles, He is there willing to show you love that we have to be willing to accept,” he said.