BYU-Idaho’s automotive students are accepting vehicle repair projects for Spring Semester. 

These students have labs where they learn hands-on skills in addition to theory. They have the opportunity to work on customer vehicles and get real life experience. Each lab focuses on a different area of repair such as the engine, the transmission, brakes and steering.  Cars in the lab with students working on cars

There’s no charge for labor, so it’s a much more affordable option. If you take your vehicle in, plan for it to be ready in at least a week, but it could be longer depending on the lab it’s in. 

Vehicles are chosen based on what students are learning in their classes. They are always looking for electrical projects, heating and air conditioning, engine issues, shocks, alignment and more. 

The projects can be challenging, which provides a great opportunity for students to push themselves. 

“The teachers are willing to allow the students to push themselves, and they’re not gonna take a project away because it’s difficult. You’re more than welcome to push yourself and they want you to learn from everything that’s given to you,” said Wesley Barnett, a freshman in the program. 

You’re taking your vehicle to a trustworthy place. BYU-Idaho’s program is among the largest four-year automotive programs in the nation, and nearly 100% of the students find employment after graduation. 

You can submit a vehicle repair form here.