BYU-Idaho Radio · "He Knows You!" A Devotional by Mike Lewis

During the BYU-Idaho Devotional on Oct. 27Mike Lewis spoke about how Heavenly Father knows us. Lewis is the university photography coordinator and has worked at the university for the last 33 years.   

Lewis spoke about different moments in university history he was able to photograph. He related these historic moments to the gospel. One of his examples was about the Rexburg Idaho Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and how we need to build our faith on a strong foundation. 

Like the Rexburg Temple being built upon a solid rock instead of sandy ground, we need a sure foundation upon which we can anchor our testimony to be an instrument in His hands to help build His Kingdom. That foundation needs to be built upon the Rock of our Redeemer even Jesus Christ,” Lewis said. As we come to know Him, we come to know our Heavenly Father and better recognize his eternal love for each of us.” 

Lewis shared other experiences about how Heavenly Father knows us and can help us through trials. He spoke about the refiner’s fire and how the Jacob Spori Building went through its own refiner’s fire.  

The building was needing some major upgrades but due to structural concerns it was determined, it would be best to level it. During the demolition process the building caught fire and burned to the ground. The Spori Building we see today still has some of the character and charm of the old building but is a much more functional, updated version of itself, Lewis said.  

BYU-Idaho Radio · An Interview with Devotional Speaker Mike Lewis

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Lewis shared why he chose the topic of “He Knows You! 

“We all have our own individual trials. I think as long as we exercise a little faith, lean upon our Savior and turn to Heavenly Father in sincere prayer, He helps us through it and He helps mold us into what He wants us to become,Lewis said.