A Family Game Company brought more than just the creators' family together. 

Brent Beck Founded Grandpa Beck's Games to share the excitment he and his family felt when they played their games. Beck had been playing games his whole life and changed the rules of those games to make them more interactive and fun. Beck found the games with modified rules were more fun and popular with friends and family when they played so they decided to make those games available to everyone. 

"We eventually got this crazy idea of actually getting these games on the market," said Beck in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio. "We've had a little interesting experience going from concepts to having games being sold in many countries."

As Grandpa Beck's Games became more popular he noticed his games were doing more than providing entertainment. He was able to learn about others' experiences with his games as people would go up to him at conventions and tell him their stories. Mothers would explain how their children would rather sit in their rooms and play video games rather than interact with the family and spend time with them. Once the teens were introuduced to the games, they started playing more with the family and spending time with their families. 

"That is one of the most fun part of our experience as in making games is to hear the stories of others that feel like the gameplay has really blessed their families," said Beck. "It's amazing some of the stories people tell about how our little games have become such an important of their game time."

Grandpa Beck is a father of five children and works for Alaskan Airlines in the Seattle area. He also has a son who is a student at BYU-Idaho. Since games are such a big part of his family's life, one of his games, "The Skull King" features his children on all of the cards with the characters on them. Beck started this company nine years ago and has been developing ever since and has been going to shows for the past four-and-a-half years.

Grandpa Beck's Games currently has four games on the market: Cover Your Assets, Skull King, Nuts About Muts and Golf. They can be purchased online and at certain game stores.