Gov. Otter with BYUI Energy Team

Governor Butch Otter presented the Energy-Efficiency Award to BYU-Idaho this morning.

Governor Otter presented BYU-Idaho's energy team with the 2018 State of Idaho Award for Excellence in Energy-Efficiency on the campus of BYU-Idaho.

"They submitted 12 projects to the Office of Energy Conservation," Governor Otter told the audience in the Taylor cultural hall, "Demonstrating work that was done in 2017 on seven different building--including this one--for 2018. And that is what won BYU-Idaho the 2018 Energy Leadership Award."

byu-idaho has implemented more efficient lighting that includes occupancy sensors which turn off automatically when not in use. it's also replaced old h-vac systems and installed a new taylor chapel roof which reflects light and keeps the building cooler in the summer time.

John Chatburn, the administrator with the Idaho Office of Energy and Mineral Resources talked to BYU-Idaho Radio about Gov. Otter coming to Rexburg and presenting this award.

"BYU-Idaho is thus far, I believe, the only university that has received an Energy-Efficiency Award."

Several years ago, Boise State University received an award for a smaller center. But BYU-Idaho was awarded for the entire campus.

In total, the energy-efficient projects have saved 958 kilowatt hours, which saves the university $53,000 per year.