This week’s BYU-Idaho devotional was given by Kort Black, a project manager for IT at BYU-Idaho. He talked about positive and negative power and what you can do to increase your positive power. In his devotional address Black introduced the idea of power within each of us. 

“It is incredible to realize that our Loving Eternal Father, wants all of us, His children, to be like Him! Often, we look at ourselves and we feel so powerless and insignificant. But I testify to you that we are beings of power – of amazing power! We are Heirs of God! It is only the Great Destroyer, or he who would foil God’s plan, that wants us to think otherwise,” Black said. 

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Black described the difference between positive power and negative power. 


He told students that if they trust in God, it makes it easier to overcome challenges and embrace positive power.  

“(Trusting in God) allows us to approach things with positive power instead of negative. So, things like being scared or anxious or just being fearful, those are all negative power. But as we embrace things, trust God, and apply positive power to things, it actually affects the outcome of the experiences in our life in a positive way,” he said. 

Black said as students practice strengthening their positive power, they will in turn strengthen their testimonies. Light and a bright countenance are also a byproduct of perpetuating positive power, he said.