This week’s BYU-Idaho devotional speaker was Jennifer Jones, the ticketing and ushering assistant for BYU-Idaho. She spoke about doing good and being kind to those around us, especially those who may be different from us or may need a friend.  

She shared a memory from when she was attending school. She met a girl who was very shy and hard to talk to. The girl walked with her head down and had very little confidence. Eventually, she saw the girl again and noticed a transformation. The girl was more outgoing and comfortable with others. Sister Jones asked her why that was. The girl said it was all due to kind roommates who supported and included her. Sister Jones asked listeners if they would be like this girl’s roommates and reach out to someone who may be in need.  

At times it may not be easy. You may have to pray, even fast for those that you know where such potential is not currently seen. You may also have to pray and fast that you may be humble and have your eyes opened to see the potential that lies in others, and in some cases, the potential that lies in yourself,” Jones said. 

 Jones taught that no matter where you are, there will always be opportunities to “do good” in the lives of others.  

 “Every single day we are put in situations where we can react kindly to others. Whether were driving down the road and somebody’s driving really slow or whatever it may be, we have the opportunity to choose how we’re going to react in that situation,” Jones said in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio. 

 She emphasized that as we look for opportunities, and choose to react to others with kindness, we will feel love for those we serve.