Hailey Andrew, owner of fitness LLC Mind Body Burn and a BYU-Idaho alumna, is a personal trainer committed to helping individuals balance wellness in their personal lives.  

According to Andrew, Mind Body Burn is an online personalized training company complete with a free mobile app called We Strive. Through the app, Mind Body Burn customers can access their fitness goals and meal plans. Andrew explained why the app is helpful. 

“There’s a lot of different workout plans out there," Andrew said,"but we want to create something that most people can use to help them to reach their goals, so they don’t burn out after doing it for a few weeks. We want it to be something they can continually change and adapt to and progress with.” 

There are also pre-made workout videos for purchase on the app. Mind Body Burn offers free consultations for their customers to encourage and kickstart their fitness changes. Andrew gave some specific advice to individuals who struggle to feel motivated in pursuing a healthier lifestyle. 

“As far as fitness goes, a lot of it is mental, and so [one way to stay motivated is] trying to train your mind to understand why you want to be more fit. One of those things is if you have long term goals like I want to be able to run and play with my grandchildren in 20 years, 30 years, 40 years and I want to start now so that I can have that body and that health at that time in my life. That’s a good motivator,” she said. 

The Free Community Wellness Event will be happening tomorrow, Sept. 25. The event will focus on the general wellness of body, mind and spirit. Vendors will be selling food and clothes designed for body positivity and fitness. Mind Body Burn will also have a booth for anyone with fitness questions.  

Starting at 8a.m., free exercise classes will be given at the Beehive Pavilion. For those who want to participate, Andrew recommends attending in comfortable workout clothes. For more information about Mind Body Burn, visit mindbodyburncollective.com or search Mind Body Burn on Facebook.