This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. A day to celebrate the once counter-culture, underground art form that has punched its way into mainstream pop culture.

Just looking at the top 15 grossing movies of all time will show that a third of those movies are based on comic books. Each year seems to bring in a swath of Marvel movies that dominate the box office, while films like “The Batman” surprised audiences this year with their fresh and exciting take on the well-tread ground.

Comics were not taken very seriously in the U.S. until the creation of Superman and the superhero archetype.

Inner Circle Comics in Idaho Falls is partnering with the Idaho Falls Library to celebrate the event and comics, graphic novels, manga, figures, and collectibles will all be 10% off at the main comic shop.

If you can't make it to Inner Circle, the library will also be handing out free comics in celebration. You can learn more about that here.