A Freddy's employee looks at an order on a computer screen.Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers officially opened in Rexburg Tuesday, February 28th, and the opening had Rexburg residents more than excited.

"I love it," said BYU-Idaho student Brice Abbott. "I like their French fries how they're really thin and crispy and I like their patty melts."

"I love their burgers and I love their shakes," said Rexburg resident Jordan Henrie. "Steakburger, the name itself, just makes my mouth water."

So what makes this restaurant different from any other burger joint? Director of Franchise Support Zach Woodburn says it's the fresh food, "We don't start making anything until you order it. We definitely hold ourselves to a higher standard. We actually strive to create a fun environment, it's relaxed. When you walk in you should see smiling faces and people having fun."

Customers seem to agree. "Freddy's has a 50's diner theme, they play classic music from the 50's and it's a really fun layout," said BYU-Idaho student Jasmine Atkinson.

"Rexburg is a very dynamic market," Woodburn said. "It has a lot of good people in this town, it has a good market, the university is very key to the success here."

Woodburn says Freddy's isn't just a place to go to eat lunch; Freddy's is a part of the community. A place where baseball teams can eat some grub after the big game, a place where old friends can rendezvous and reminisce old memories, a place for the family.

So if you consider going to Freddy's, bringing your friends and family is encouraged. Not sure what to order? Take it from Woodburn and order, "the number one with cheese."