July 13 and 14 are the final nights to see “Footloose: The Musical” at Rigby High School. 

For the next two nights, people can see this special musical put on by local students. They had over six months of preparation to be ready, according to Josh Smith, the person playing Ren McCormick, the lead role in the musical. 

“We started back in January after we were cast, and then we were postponed back in March, and we were a week before opening at the time,” Smith said. 

But the time in quarantine allowed everyone in the musical to further prepare for the show. 

“We took those two months of quarantine to continue working and getting even better at our show,” Smith said. “We’ve been working for a very long time.” 

Smith landed the lead role as Ren McCormick, the young man from Chicago who loves dancing and moves to a small town that’s outlawed it. Smith said landing this role meant a lot to him. 

“It was rewarding…it was a good feeling to know that [my] hard work paid off,” Smith said. 

 Smith also said that throughout the time he’s worked on portraying Ren McCormick, he felt a connection and a certain relatability with him. 

“Almost any character that anyone touches…you can always find things that you relate with,” Smith said.  

The first shows happened last Thursday through Saturday, July 9 through July 11. The final shows are Monday and Tuesday, July 13 and 14, at 7 p.m. at Rigby High School. 

Each show has music from the original “Footloose” playlist, as well as some new songs. 

For those who wish to attend, face coverings are encouraged, since there will be a larger group of people in one room. Seats will be set up to accommodate social distancing. 

If you wish to buy tickets, click here.