Rexburg is now home to an LGBTQ resource center. Flourish Point opened its doors in February 2021 and provides mental health counseling. The organization also has a food pantry and gives gender affirming clothing.  

Brooks McFadden is the marketing director at Flourish Point. Since his time as a student at Madison High School in Rexburg, McFadden recognized a need for LGBTQ resources in Rexburg.  

“I remember that it was so taboo for anybody to be considered gay,” he said. “If there was rumors or anything that person would be torn to shreds. The narrative was that they were the bad guy. As a result, if someone tells you you’re the bad guy for so long, you start to believe it. And it weighs on you.” 

Joni McFadden, the organization’s founder, also recognized a need. After seeing that local LGBTQ youth and adults needed resources and seeing another organization fail to launch, she joined with other community members to found Flourish Point.  

Although the organization focuses on mental health resources, it has also hosted events. Last year Flourish Point organized Rexburg’s first pride parade. Their goal for attendance was 200-300. About 1,500 came. Flourish Point will also be hosting an event for leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help them minister to LGBTQ church members.  

Those who are interested in volunteering or are in need of resources from Flourish Point can visit its website