Do you want to get fit? Make more friends? Learn about finances? BYU-Idaho’s Fit4Life program can help! 

Fit4Life helps students set and achieve goals to improve overall wellness. Participants get to meet regularly with coaches to learn healthy practices for a balanced life. 

You can meet with a wellness coach to discuss goals, motivation, time management and nutrition. They focus on the eight pillars of wellness, which are physical, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, financial, environmental, and intellectual wellness. 

Many people want to focus on fitness goals, and with Fit4Life, you can meet with a fitness trainer who will create a workout program tailored to your needs. You can also take inbody tests, which is free with Fit4Life. It measures your body composition so you can see your progress throughout the semester. 

You can sign up for Fit4Life for $25 a semester, and according to Karlie Omer, the Fit4Life coordinator, a lot of other fitness trainers charge $50 for just a one hour session. 

“If 25 bucks is what it takes for you to get your health and life on track by having someone be accountable to you and having someone teach you how to work out, I think in the long run it’s worth it,” Omer said. 

Fit4Life is a great learning opportunity, and Kysa Wagner, a wellness coach, said that’s most rewarding. 

People might think that it’s scary you know you meet with a new person, a new trainer, but it’s also a really great learning experience. Really you just learn about yourself, which is the biggest takeaway,” Wagner said. 

You can find more information and sign up for Fit4Life here