Joshua Peters found pornography the way many people probably do. At school, with other friends where curiosity got the better of him. But now something that was done in the dark has been brought into the light as Peters fights back with a new video of his slam poetry titled “11 years.”

The video portrays Peters with a girl who is assumed to be his first girlfriend. In the background, Peters is reciting his poem and the story progresses showing the relationship being ruined by his pornography addiction.

Peters originally wrote the poem three years ago when he was 18 as he was reflecting on his life and realizing how his addiction has affected his relationships, life and personality.

“The words just came, I wrote it all in one hour,” Peters said.

Peters felt like he needed to create the video as a way to combat pornography. He wants to start the conversation on pornography since it seems to be an addiction most don’t want to talk about.

“You can’t beat pornography when everyone is judging you and everyone is putting you in the dark and shaming you,” Peters said. “These people need light, they need support and they need to talk about it.”

Peters says many of his poems have religious overtones, but this one is mostly secular so it would be relatable to many different audiences. Despite keeping religion out of the poem that doesn’t mean it didn’t play a huge role in his own struggle.

“Through that relationship ending and through that addiction I came to know that Jesus Christ is my Savior,” Peters said.

He quoted a part of his poem that references this discovery.

“And in that darkness, I found a light, and in that light, I found a hope that never dies, he found true love, he found me,” Peters said. “Some could interpret that as I found myself or what I say as an artist, Jesus Christ found me through that, and that is one of the most powerful parts of the poem.”

Peters is a supporter of the non-profit Fight the New Drug. He hopes this video will spark conversation so those struggling can find help and hope.

“Even if that just happens to one person than I think this video would be worth it,” Peters said.