Fidalis Buehler is an associate professor in the Department of Art at Brigham Young University. His exhibit, Dream Speak, is now open in the Spori Art Gallery.  

Buehler creates images of his own stories that come from his own experiences with having a blended family of Euro-American descent and Pacific Island heritage. His exhibit embodies ritual, mythology, fear, dreams and more.  

Fidalis Buehler art - Cake Villains
This exhibit doesn’t necessarily align with traditional art. Buehler said he was trained with a more traditional model of making art through observational drawing. He said that he eventually transitioned into a style that felt more natural to him. That style is called faux naïf. 

“I was able to respond to it (art) more intuitively. That method was to return to a more childlike approach to art-making,” said Fidalis.  

He said his art not only blends symbolism from his culture but also the experiences he has had since. This includes his experiences with pop culture, watching “Looney Tunes” and even viewing his children’s art.  

“Now I'm a dad so I watch all my children draw and so now I'm influenced heavily by their understanding for what the human form looks like,” he said. 

The free exhibit will run through June 30. Visit for more information.