While attending a church meeting, I found out that my stake, the LDS Rexburg YSA third stake is one of the top 10 stakes where members are finding family names and taking them those names to the Temple. That's not top ten for the U.S. but top ten in ten world!

The former Rexburg YSA third stake president, Ross Baron told me about a call he received from a LDS church leader. He said,"So they called and the guy called and he was the head of the Family History Department and he was you know, like, what in the world are you doing and he was like, you are in the top ten. And of course I asked where in the top ten and he wouldn't tell me, so I am going to say that we were number one."

You were listening to former Rexburg YSA 3rd stake president Ross Baron describe the call he received, he said that during his 5 years as stake president, the percentage of members doing their family history work went from around 1.2 percent to 30 percent. Which according to Brother Craig Bell who was a counselor for the YSA third Stake, is way higher than the national average.

 I asked Bell about his experience with family history work and he described how he came to a point where he decided that he was going to learn no matter how long it would take. He said,"I'm going to find a name, I have heard so much about this for so long, and I just want to do this!"

President Baron told me how he approached helping Young Single Adults do their family history work. He said,"And there is one question that YSA adults have and that's how to do it. You know, that's what Grandma does and she has a lot of boxes and it seems too overwhelming. So that has been a focus of the stake, to be able to say, okay, we will bring you in. Ashley right? Yeah so we can bring Ashley in and over the course of an hour we can teach you to find your own family names."

Sure enough, I had always heard about family history work but I never attempted it till now. Now, thanks to the efforts of President Baron and his counselors, I took my first family name to the temple.

If you are interested in learning how to do your family history work, make a visit to BYU-Idaho's family history center in the Mckay library's second floor or visit the libaries webpage.