In September, Collegiate Dancers and other dance students at BYU-Idaho began preparing for Extravadance, a show featuring the creative talents of BYU-Idaho dancers. The show happened last weekend.

Extravadance features a variety of dance styles and genres including ballroom, contemporary, clogging, ballet, world and jazz dance.

Phil Lewis is a Collegiate Dancer and this is his first year performing in Extravadance.

“I am looking forward to performing the show for everyone. I think that’s the one thing I’m most excited about,” Lewis said. “One thing about me is I love to perform so just being out there on the stage showing everyone what we’ve worked so hard on, it’s going to be great.”

Ashley Snow is a faculty member in the Theatre and Dance Department at BYU-Idaho. She was in charge of the show this year. She says the show is to represent what the department does, but it’s also for the audience and what they can experience 

“So we try to have a good variety, not only that represents our department, which covers all the genres, but also for the audience to… find something that they can enjoy or connect to,” Snow said. 

Extravadance happened on November 16, 17 and 18 this year.