Experience the magic of BYU-Idaho’s David O. McKay library this week. The library is hosting a weeklong event to introduce students to the resources available to them through the library and they’re using Harry Potter as a motivation. 

Library Circulation Manager Tyler Oswald said the library facilitates the research students are doing. 

“We’re really hoping through this that we can help students catch a vision for what meaningful research can be like for them,” he said. “A lot of other academic departments here on campus are focused on producing student-driven driven themselves.” 

Throughout the week, the library will host different events to showcase and educate students about the resources the library offers. There will be an open-press day at the Grandin Press on Monday and Wednesday. Students, staff and community members can print off their own acceptance letters on the Grandin Press. The 3D printer workshop is open to the public as well. People can print their own wands. 

A lecture series will happen through the week as well. The series is focused around research and is given by professors and faculty members. 

The library has hosted events similar to this in the past, but nothing on the scale of an entire week dedicated the library’s resources. 

Oswald explained the event is not about the theme of Harry Potter, but it’s about learning how to do research through the lens of the Harry Potter series. 

“We picked Harry potter because it was an opportunity to connect very firmly to something that libraries are excited about anyway which is getting people excited about a reading,” Oswald said. “So you’re fascinated by Harry Potter but you’re studying molecular biology… well how can we connect those two pieces in a powerful way and get you excited to do research in your area because it connects you back to something that you’re passionate about.”

The library will also hold a raffle for Harry Potter prizes. For every event you attend or book you check out, whether you’re a student, faculty member or staff member, you’ll receive a raffle ticket to enter into a drawing. Raffle prizes include a chance to win the Collector’s Edition series of Harry Potter, Harry Potter games and other prizes and collectables. The drawing will be held on Friday and winners will be emailed. 

The library is hoping to get as many students involved as possible. 

“There will be a few surprises throughout the library to help students get oriented in what’s going on. A lot of our student employees will be dressed for the occasion,” Oswald said. “We’ll have posters up and signs. There will be opportunities throughout the library to even stop and take a selfie with a couple of the Harry Potter characters.”

For more information and a complete list of events, visit library.byui.edu or call the library circulation desk at 208-496-9522.