The Rexburg Tabernacle Civic Center and Romance Theater have several events coming up for anyone looking for something fun to do in Rexburg.

Jackie Rawlins is the Cultural Arts Director for the city and she is in charge of booking the buildings for events and organizing other events herself for them.

Halloween Movies

The next few weeks the Romance Theater is showing several fun movies leading up to Halloween. Each movie is $1.50.

* “Jurassic Park” is showing Oct. 19

* The original “Jaws” showing on Oct. 26

* “The Nightmare Before Christmas” with a cartoon showing beforehand on Oct. 29.


Looking for something more interactive?

A David Bowie Tribute band is coming on Oct. 27. The band is called Starman. They will perform with two other bands, New Vote and A.W. Felt, at the Local Band Night event.

“We are trying to do that more where if there are some bands out there that want an opportunity, to get a hold of us and audition for us,” Rawlins said. “We are trying to pull these bands together and give them an opportunity to play in a venue like that.”

Although not at the theater or the Tabernacle, on Oct. 31 Kidsburg! will open at The Zone. Kidsburg will feature a small version of Rexburg and will have in-door trick-or-treating and a carnival all for free.

In the Tabernacle on Nov. 23 at 7:30 p.m. there will be a multimedia production by the Rexburg Tabernacle Orchestra.

The pieces they will play reflect the beauty and majesty of nature. One piece is dedicated to the Grand Canyon, another to rainforests and the last to the ocean.

Rawlins also adds that they are still looking for members to join the Turkey Choir. The Choir performs a concert on Thanksgiving featuring stories and music. Anyone can join. Practices are Sundays from 7:30 - 9p.m. in the Tabernacle.

“We started just last Sunday so it’s still early enough that you could be a part of that,” Rawlins said.


The Tabernacle and Romance Theater used to be overlooked as a venue, Rawlins said she would often have to call many people to schedule events. Now they have someone using it almost every weekend until the holidays.

The Tabernacle was built in 1911 by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After the Teton Dam flood in 1976 the Church sold it to the city and it is now used for many different city events. It also has a small museum on the bottom floor.

The Romance Theater used to be called The Rex. Officially it was built in 1917, but in doing further research Rawlins says they now believe it was built around 1913.

Rawlins says they have a story of a Vaudeville show where a woman named Mona would travel with her partner doing shows. Their show was “The Bullet Proof Woman.” Her partner would take a gun from the audience and would then shoot at her, but she would move enough that the bullet would miss.

She would have a playing card behind her with a bullet hole already shot through and take that card out to show the audience. But when performing in Rexburg in 1913 her partner grabbed a shotgun out of the audience.

Mona died after her lungs where punctured, and is now the ghost that haunts the Romance.

“She’s there, every theater has a ghost, Mona is ours and we love her,” Rawlins said.