BYU-Idaho hosted a talent show in the Crossroads on Sept. 25 called BYU-Idol. In the first round of the competition, talent show judges decide on the top three performers and then the audience votes via QR codes for the winner. Emma Peck took first place in this semester’s competition. Peck shared with BYU-Idaho Radio how she developed a love for music and singing. 

“I remember the first time I performed in front of an audience was a 7th grade talent show in middle school, and I won,” Peck said. “As soon as they announced, my friend and I who were singing, that we had won I was like, ‘Oh, I actually might be kind of a good singer.’…When I was a sophomore in high school, I transferred to a performing arts school,…and I was a vocal performance major.” 

Her love for singing influenced her to participate in BYU-Idol three times. Although Peck had received positive feedback from audience members and judges her first time competing in BYU-Idol when she won 2nd place, her name was not initially called with the top three finalists for this semester's comeption. Lucky for her, this latest BYU-Idol talent show included an unexpected plot twist. 

“When they announced the three finalists, I wasn’t paying attention, but my friend started freaking out all wide-eyed and I was like ‘What? What’s going on?’ and then I heard my name again, and [the judges] had announced they were going to have a fourth finalist. I was going to get to perform my second song and get a chance to win again which I thought I had lost that chance,” Peck said. 

She nearly stumbled on stage with her guitar from excitement to participate in the second round. Peck then sang “Manhattan” by Sara Bareilles as her finale song. Afterward, all four finalists awaited the results from the stage as audience members cast votes for their favorite performer. 

“Once the voting all got in, it felt like a long time we were standing up there just kind of not doing anything, just standing there…And then they announced that I won. I was so happy. I was so proud of myself.” 

Peck has learned alot from her musical accomplishments throughout the years. She gives the following advice to anyone struggling to persue their dream, especially in vocal performance.

"Just go for it," Peck said. "Don't put too much thought into it. I've found most of my greatest successes with music have been when I put no thought into it, or I just kinda clear my mind, let go of my anxieties, take a second, and just send it. If it's something you're passionate about, you know nothing's really gonna stop you from pursuing it."

A recording of her performance was featured on KBYI 94.3 FM. To keep up with campus events like BYU-Idol, visit the I-Belong website.