Two years ago the paramedic program was dropped from BYU-Idaho’s curriculum. But that doesn’t mean BYU-Idaho doesn’t have emergency services available. Ashton Davis is the student coordinator for the campus EMS or Emergency Medical Services agency.

The campus emergency services are a state nationalized and licensed agency just like the fire department or other emergency services. The services they provide are on site. If something happens and a person needs to be taken to the hospital then they can call Madison Fire Department to get an ambulance.

Services are always present at sporting events and large events on campus such as i-Night or devotional. For other events they need to be contacted for their free services.

Davis says all EMT’s are students, but they are all currently licensed and qualified to treat patients.

“They are not EMT students they have preexisting national EMT license or certification and then they get their Idaho license, so they are basic health care providers,” Davis said.

Davis says if people are looking for training there are great programs at the College of Eastern Idaho and the Madison Fire Department.

The EMS agency is always looking for new people to come work or volunteer, as long as they are properly licensed. To join or find more information email Davis at