For the Christmas season, The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho is hosting an Elves Workshop for kids ages 7–9 on December 18 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. According to the Art Museum website, the goal of the workshop is to give kids the opportunity to “create unique artistic gifts for their two favorite adults.” Alexa Stanger, the education director for the Art Museum, will oversee the Elves Workshop activity.  

“I really love working alongside kids in particular. They have such enthusiasm for making things. Their imaginations are boundless. A lot of times as a teacher, you might have an idea that you present to your students and where they take it is beyond what you imagined, and that’s really exciting,” she said. 

Pre-registration is required either online or by calling (208) 524-7777. The cost of the workshop is $30 for Art Museum membership holders and $35 for non-members. More information about upcoming activities can be found on the art museum website.