BYU-Idaho has created a student competition to solve social issues. ELEVATE is an event designed to inspire students to find solutions for social problems in an interactive way.

Caryn Esplin, the ELEVATE chair and the associate dean of Interdisciplinary Studies at BYU-Idaho, told BYU-Idaho Radio she’s seen a lot of support for the event. “So, it’s exciting because today is the culmination of that event,” she said. “A lot of faculty members have jumped on board and are excited about including this in their courses, so they are sending students.”

Students from all different disciplines will come together this winter semester to take on mental health issues. Different teams will form to come up with a plan to improve awareness of mental health issues among students and to promote a healthy lifestyle. They will present their ideas to a panel of judges.

“Some of the students just get a great satisfaction about helping,” Esplin said. “Others are touched by the mental health topic because it has touched their lives with their families or friends.”

Teams are three to five members large and must come from at least three different college departments. The office of Interdisciplinary Studies will host the event with six other colleges helping out. Today, there is a kickoff pizza event in the cross roads at 6:30 p.m. You do not have to be an interdisciplinary major to come out for this event. You can find the website for ELEVATE on the BYU-Idaho webpage at

If you are interested in participating, ELEVATE will take place every other semester and they are currently looking for four more student directors.