Rexburg City officials and local business leaders both agree there is a lot to account for when preparing for the solar eclipse. In the meeting they discussed the possibility of having more businesses open on Sunday, cell service possibly being overloaded, as well as where people can and can't park.

"We are hoping the citizens of Rexburg will be prepared so the people coming can have a good time," said Chris Mann, a member of the city council and CEO of the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce, who spoke at the meeting. He along with other leaders know crowd control will be the biggest obstacle.

"We are trying to have the public viewing area be at Riverside Park because there are no trees," Mann said. "We want to know where people will gather so the police know where the people are."  

Eclipse Business MeetingIf you're concerned about people on your property, the city suggests to local businesses and community members to post no trespassing signs. Even Walmart has taken into consideration the potential of people parking in their lot and are discussing the possibility of parking permits. Even though the police in town will be busy, Rexburg Police Chief Shane Turman says they will be prepared for any kind of emergency.

"We have to try to plan for the things that are possible even though they are probably not going to happen," Turman said. "We do have joint agreements with all the officers on the eastern Idaho side. Every agency is ready at a moment's notice on a big event to send as many officers as we can. We also have things lined up for bomb squads."

If you are interested in allowing people on your property, the city asks you to register your land at Rexburgeclipse.com so the police department is aware and can better protect the public.