Alex Ary a web manager and developer for EZ-net tools, recognized that many people don't realize what this part of Idaho has to offer in regards of activities, but apart from announcing what activities there are in Rexburg, its a great opportunity to help businesses to get their names out there.

"It will help us to build relationships with businesses in the local area, and we could fulfill EZ-net tools purpose, which is envisioning success for local businesses," said Ary. "We want the local community and local businesses to become successful."

The site is very user friendly and not only do we have to click on icons but we also can contribute to the site as well. People often find things to do that a lot of people don't know about, therefore they can make a listing on the website about what they love doing so that other people can see what they posted.

"Theirs that really great thing that you and your family really enjoy doing and you want to be able to share that with other people," said Ary. "Therefore you could go on there, and you can submit a listing and you could submit photos."

Ary and EZ-net tools envisions this website to really help people have fun here in the Eastern Idaho region and especially to help business grow as well.

For more information visit: rexburgonline.com