At BYU-Idaho there is a one-day conference which motivates students to become disciples of Jesus Christ through revelation and service activities. This conference is January 31, 2020 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.  

There will be talks, dinner, workshop stations and the service fair. All these experiences help bring the Spirit of The Lord so each person who attends can have a meaningful experience. Lauren Boixdirector for the DLC conferencesaid every semester the theme for the conference changes and this semester the theme is “One by One,” which was inspired by the scripture found in The Book of Mormon - 3 Nephi 18:36.  

Essentially One by One is to help students realize that we need to be seeking the one. Right? Boix said. Every day there is someone we can serve, someone that we can love. Many times, we need to realize that we are the one. So many times, I think we forget that aspect that we need to nourish and strengthen our spirits as well as helping and lifting them.”  

What is different this semester than all the other previous DLC conferences is that professors from BYU-Idaho will teach the workshops compared to previous semesters when students were the ones in charge of teaching.  

We found it so much more beneficial because I feel like the students really do connect with the professors and the professors are passionate about what they are teaching,” Boix said.  

Students will have the chance to choose from 10 different workshop stations. Some of the workshops will deal with overcoming addictions, mental health, verbal and nonverbal communication, how to improve your relationships, etc.  

“Through this job I found this purpose, I found the drive of this is something inspired of God and I have seen and heard so many experiences of people that have gone that have been invited to go and that have received answers to prayers,” Boix said. 

You can get tickets at the ticket office in the MC bookstore or online by clicking here.