Aspen Acres Disc Golf is a storefront and disc golf course just north of Rexburg. It’s owned and operated by Dane Bohman. He also teaches new players the fundamentals of the game.
“I have a store with about 1,000 discs … and when people come out that are asking about discs I usually take them out to the front of one of the holes and take a whole bunch of different types of discs so we can get an idea of their level of play and how strong an arm they have,” said Bohman in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio.
Disc golf is a game similar to normal golf, but instead of using clubs to hit a ball into a hole, the objective is to throw discs, similar to frisbees, into a cage. This keeps the bar to entry and the cost of the sport much lower when starting out. The game is easier to pick up and has a high skill ceiling for those looking to improve their game and compete.
“It’s a sport that mainly takes place at local parks, so generally as far as the entrance to play goes it’s usually a free sport for a player once they have an assortment of discs,” Bohman said.
Many courses feel like nature hikes, with some courses located on serene volcanoes in Hawaii.
“My favorite course isn’t even in this area it’s 5,000 feet up the volcano in Haleakala in Maui … you’re up in the jungle and it’s quite fun,” Bohman said.
You can visit Aspen Acres Disc Golf North of Rexburg and west of Sugar City. You can also visit the website here: