Jackie Rawlins has been working in the city of Rexburg for a long time. She started volunteering in different positions, one of them being the choreographer for the Madison High School musicals. Now she is currently the director for the Museum of Rexburg and the cultural arts director for the city of Rexburg. She has gained a lot of experience serving the community of Rexburg and now she will be moving with her family to Utah.  

Mixed emotions,” she said when asked how she felt about leaving Rexburg. “You know it's always good to follow the Lord and where he wants you to go, we are big believers in that, but this was not planned or something we had on our mind. 

Rawlins thought she would never stop becoming involved with the city of Rexburg until she retired. She loves the Rexburg buildings, the Tabernacle and the Romance Theatre and has enjoyed being able to bring those two alive.  

One of the other aspects of her career with the city of Rexburg she is grateful for is being able to work with the people in the community and do activities that would be of interest to them.  

So, it's very hard to talk about leaving that and that community in that sense,” she said.  

However, she is excited that she is still able to participate in the Teton Story Telling and Arts Festival which will be in August. Now they are branching out that program to take them into the schools to teach students what storytelling is throughout the school year. She explained she will still come back to Rexburg to help with that festival.  

“I’ll still have a connection here and still be able to see things grow,” she said.  

Rawlins said she will take time in Utah to help her children transition to their new home and school 

With that said I’m not someone that seats still very long, anybody that knows me knows that,” she said.  

She said that in the past she has seen how the Lord has prompted her to know what she needs to do or to work in, so she will focus on that when she moves to Utah to know what the Lord wants her to do.