One Latter-day Saint teen meets his goals and is still going forward.

Electronic Dance Music Artist Declan Williamson, who goes by Declan James has already been signed to a record label and continues to reach his dreams.

While music is a passion for 17-year-old Declan James, his ultimate goal is to pursue politics.

"I'm super passionate about politics," said Declan James. "I even want to run for the House of Representatives."

Until then, he will continue to make EDM and build his following. he recently performed at the Lizard Lounge in downtown Dallas, Texas and he will open for QUINTINO again in a future show. Despite the party lifestyle that follows being in the EDM crowd, Declan James sticks to his standards as an LDS teen.

"There's kind of a designation that's made between me and other people," said Declan James. "A lot of people pick up on that because they can tell I am a clean cut person."

Declan James likes to take the time to study music, especially the tracks that influence him, and then create his own. He's not a fan of hyper-analysis, instead, he takes images he finds online and makes music based off of those inspirations.

Whether it's a life in politics or a life as an EDM artist, Declan James looks to the future with excitement. Even if that means leaving the music scene.

"I could potentially sustain myself doing this," said Declan James. "I just have other things that I still want to do."

You can listen to Declan James music on Spotify, SoundCloud and through his posts @DeclanxJames on Twitter, @declanjamesmusic on Facebook and Instagram.