The articles below include summaries of the devotional talks and links to the devotional audio and to interviews BYU-Idaho Radio conducts with the speakers. Click here to go to the Devotional Archives Page.
  • Elder Quentin L. Cook

    Elder Quentin L. Cook: Out of obscurity: How merciful the Lord has been

    Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorom of the twelve apostles was BYU-Idaho's devotional speaker on June 12

  • Elder Kent F. Richards

    Elder Kent F. Richards: “A straw thrown up indicates the direction of the wind.”

    Elder Kent F. Richards explains more about his devotional talk, “A straw thrown up indicates the direction of the wind.”

  • Jason Rose

    Jason Rose: The Power of Unity

    "This is the gospel or the "good news" for us. Notice how in the gospel we make covenants to love and serve one another. Those covenants bind us together so that we can experience the blessings that come from being unified."

  • Elder Anthony D. Perkins: Inspired by a Better Cause

    “Have you ever considered that you, individually, are also the cause of our Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son?”

  • Tim Rarick

    Tim Rarick: Men Are That They May Be Fathers

    Tim Rarick was the devotional speaker at BYU-Idaho on May 15. The title of his talk was "Men Are That They May Be Fathers."