The articles below include summaries of the devotional talks and links to the devotional audio and to interviews BYU-Idaho Radio conducts with the speakers.

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A BYU-Idaho Devotional by Evan A. Schmutz and Cindy L. Schmutz

Elder Evan A. Schmutz, a General Authority Seventy for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his wife Cindy L. Schmutz gave this week's BYU-Idaho devotional. Sister Schmutz's talk, titled "Remembering Our Baptismal Covenants," expressed the importance of always striving to be worthy of our baptism and how we can keep the promises made during that day. Elder Schmutz's talk, titled "Great Shall Be Their Reward," discussed how being obedient to the commandments of God can help us return to the Celestial Kingdom.

"His Infinite Love" - A Devotional by William Lewis

William Lewis is the application systems engineer at BYU-Idaho. His devotional, titled "His Infinite Love," discusses the importance of Heavenly Father's love and how it can bless our lives if we learn to receive it.

"Be of Good Cheer" - A Devotional by Cristina Franco

Cristina Franco is the second counselor in the Primary General Presidency for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Her devotional for BYU-Idaho students, titled "Be of Good Cheer," discusses what we can do to be happy despite the challenges we face or the circumstances we find ourselves in.