He Shall Prepare A Way

"I testify that when we follow the revelation we receive from the Lord, He does prepare a way for us to accomplish whatever He asks us to do."

To See Things as They Truly Are

"I know, with a knowledge that I’m incapable of putting into adequate words, that this life is but a small, fleeting, but important condescension from a very real, much more holy, eternal sphere. The Gospel we are taught in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is more true, than you can possibly comprehend."

These Things I know for Sure

This BYU-Idaho Devotional Address was given by Doug Mason, a staff member on-campus in the Auxillary Services as the Support Director. His message focused on relying on the things you know by his experiences in times of uncertainty or struggle.

Angels Among Us

Brett Cook, auxiliary services managing director at BYU-Idaho spoke to the students at devotional about angels among us.

Finding the Power to Overcome

Financial aid director, Ken Jackson is speaking to the students at BYU-Idaho's devotional about finding the power to overcome.

The Path to Spiritual Maturity

Max Checketts, a former BYU-Idaho Academic Vice-President spoke about his devotional talk on spiritual maturity.

Waiting Upon the Lord

Linda Draper, university's communication marketing and strategy coordinator spoke to students at BYU-Idaho's devotional about waiting upon the Lord.