BYU-Idaho Radio · "Heroic Compassion"- Brother Riley Hall, May 26, 2020

Brother Riley Hall, the director of the BYU-Idaho Admissions Office, addressed the BYU-Idaho community in a live-streamed devotional.

Hall was originally set to speak at the devotional back in March, but it was canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Today, Hall spoke about the importance of reaching out to others in small and simple ways. In his talk, he invited everyone to act and to do something for someone else.

"In the coming week, I challenge you to pray that the Lord will bless you with increased compassion and then ask Him to show you the needs of those around you," Hall said. "Determine now to act upon the promptings you feel to serve others with compassion."

Hall also spoke a little more about the principles in his talk with BYU-Idaho Radio, like how what we do for others can be small and simple.

"The small and simple things that The Book of Mormon teaches us, bring about great things," Hall said. "Compassion is often a small and simple thing, but...becomes one of those heroic moments."

BYU-Idaho Radio · An Interview with Brother Riley Hall

During the interview, Hall also took some time to talk about the changes COVID-19 has put in place that affect the admissions process.

"We've been able to continue our work from home...[and] we aren't offering tours right now," Hall said. "We're working on ways to try to find new ways to bring the campus to students who aren't in physically help compensate for that."

Hall said the many missionaries coming home from around the world have helped enrollment during the remote period of learning. Last week, BYU-Idaho announced in a news release that Spring 2020 enrollment had increased since switching to remote instruction.

Hall said they hope to be able to start inviting people to campus to have tours as soon as it's safe.

We are all still waiting to see what will happen with classes this Fall. The school said they hope to have a final decision by July at the latest.