Elder Weatherford T. Clayton and Sister Lisa Clayton spoke to students at BYU-Idaho from the auditorium at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Tuesday.

Elder Clayton, a General Authority Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke about the importance of hearing The Lord's voice.

"You can hear our Savior as you read the scriptures every day, attend the temple and do family history work, seek and listen to the inspirations of the Holy Ghost, and listen to the words of the living prophets. I invite you to actively choose to ‘hear him.’ I invite you to choose to ‘hear Him’ every day, every week, every month, and every year of your lives," Elder Clayton said in his devotional talk.

Elder Clayton shared many clips of words from other general authorities in the Church about his chosen topic.

Sister Clayton spoke about opening our hearts to change and how to better ourselves.

"Our experiences here in this life—covenants, callings, family relationships, heartbreak, and joy—all teach us! If we truly hear His answers, these experiences will teach us who our Savior is and what He desires us to do. This is how the Lord leads us toward life eternal," Sister Clayton said during the devotional.

Elder and Sister Clayton also spoke to BYU-Idaho Radio before the devotional to expound on some of the thoughts they shared in their talks.

Elder Clayton, who's the assistant executive director in the Church Missionary Department, also took some time to talk about the many full-time missionaries still in the field who are confined to their apartments.

He said that Microsoft Zoom calls between General Authorities and local mission leaders happen, "All the time," he said.

"[Zoom calls have] become an effective way of staying in contact with people because we can't go to meetings," Elder Clayton said.

Elder Clayton said he wished that he and other General Authorities could visit with missionaries in-person, but they cannot due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Missionaries confined to their apartments can suffer mentally and emotionally as their normal schedule keeps them busy and occupied.

Sister Clayton has also been a major contributor to the Relief Society's initiative to make 5-million facemasks, which she said, was completed recently.

When the Clayton's were asked what they hoped people would do when the devotional concluded, they said, "Our hope in the talks we are giving is to help the students of BYU-Idaho feel the truthfulness of the gospel," Elder Clayton said. "My hope would be that...we encourage greater communion with The Lord and greater willingness to hear Him and do what He wants us to do," Sister Clayton said.