“Don’t be frustrated if you are struggling to recognize promptings from the Holy Ghost. It is a learned process,” encouraged Tammie Bagley, the facilities service center representative at BYU-Idaho in her devotional talk on Aug. 4, 2020.

Bagley focused her talk on how students can learn how to recognize the influence of the Holy Ghost in their lives. She shared the words of leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in her talk including Church President Russell M. Nelson, Elder Richard G. Scott, Elder Boyd K. Packer and Elder David A. Bednar.

Through their teachings, she helped students know they can invite the Holy Ghost into their lives by making and keeping sacred covenants, having meaningful personal prayer every morning and every night, searching the scriptures daily and diligently, practicing sincere worship in their homes and at church, practicing appropriateness in their relationships with family members and friends, having virtuous thoughts and actions in their language and dress, being still to ask God questions and to listen to His answers, writing down impressions they receive and to express gratitude to the Lord for the spiritual guidance he gives.

“I invite you do what it takes to have the Holy Ghost active in your life,” she said. “Be still. Ask to be able to recognize promptings you receive from the Holy Ghost. Ask, then listen, feel, and act upon the promptings you receive. And thank Heavenly Father for the those special messages.”