BYU-Idaho has created another great deal for students on campus. Students over the years have been going to the weekly devotional to hear a speaker share counsel and wisdom and to feed them spiritually. 

 About a year ago, the school began to also feed the students physically, with an opportunity to eat at hot lunch with the devotional speaker. Now the school is also featuring a lunch deal after devotional for the students who can’t stick around after devotional. 

 This new lunch deal - $2 for a sandwich, drink, chips and a cookie - has students saying things like, “I think it’s a great idea to do it after devotional,” and “Paying $2 is fantastic!” 

 Last Tuesday, students were all over the BYU-Idaho Center enjoying their lunches with friends and talking about the devotional just outside the auditorium and in the basketball courts. 

 “My guess turnout will be consistently like this or more like last week,” said Justin Benziger, a ticket office usher.The first week we did it there weren’t too many people, mostly because I don’t think that many people knew about it. But once it happened the first time then more people showed up, like last time, we had 50 extra (meals) and this time we probably turned 50 people away.” 


Benziger still wasn’t sure about how many students they are expecting to have each week.He said they had ordered about 650 meals. 

“Yeah, this is defiantly a bigger turnout then we thought,” he said. 

You can order a lunch before devotional to make sure you get one. The hot lunch is also still available for $3. So be sure to check out the TicketOffice online at