This week’s BYU-Idaho devotional speaker taught how to build testimonies that will withstand the challenges of our day. 

Dean Cloward is an elementary and special education faculty member at BYU-Idaho. He talked about how we have been warned by several prophets that we need to have “testimonies that can withstand the buffetings and trials of the last days.” Cloward shared five things we can do to make our testimonies steadfast and immovable. 

The first is to have quality prayer. Cloward said each one of our prayers should serve a specific purpose.  

“Morning prayers are a time to discuss our upcoming day with Heavenly Father,” he said. “Our evening prayer is a time to return and report.” 

The second is having daily scripture study. He talked about how President Nelson’s admonition for us to “Hear Him” is an admonition to pray and read the scriptures while seeking revelation. 

The third is to regularly attend the temple. Cloward said he has seen peace and confidence come into the lives of his students who attend the temple regularly.  

“They are happier and more full of faith,” he said. “I want that blessing for each of you.” 

Fourth is serving and ministering to others.  

“A vital part of becoming like Christ is to do as He did,” Cloward said, “and do as He does.” 

Cloward taught that as we desire to become more like Christ, ministering to others becomes a natural desire of our hearts. 

The fifth and last is daily repentance. Cloward said repenting each day is “the surest way to regular personal growth.” It increases both our self-confidence and self-assurance. 

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Cloward said the five things he listed in his devotional “are things that need to be part of a daily routine and not just a check list.” He said we must do these things with our hearts. When we do that, our testimonies will eventually become steadfast and immovable.