Most majors at BYU-Idaho require students to complete an internship. Many students complete internships in Idaho or Utah. Others do them online. Giorgia Baielli and Sarah Fitt Thompson are interns in Washington, D.C. The two BYU-Idaho students are working for U.S. Senator Jim Risch.  

Their daily tasks include writing news articles and hearing summaries, listening to voice mails, attending press conferences and giving tours of the Capitol.  

The interns have different majors. Baielli is studying Humanities, while Fitt Thompson is studying Public Policy and Administration. However, both have gained experience that will benefit their future careers.  

For Baielli, the experience has sparked an interest in teaching.  

“Something that we do is give tours of the Capitol,” Baielli said. “And for me, studying art and architecture within my major, it’s super exciting to me to tell people about these things that I’m passionate about and that they then can appreciate more.” 

For Fit Thompson, the internship gives her a chance to see the things she has learned in action.  

“I think this internship is a great way to learn about both policy writing … and also to see how administration works in action and what goes into a public office,” Fitt Thompson said.  

Baielli advises students considering a similar internship to go for it.  

“Honestly just bite the bullet and sign up for it,” Baielli said. “Like, what’s the worst that could happen? And if you get accepted then that’s an amazing opportunity. I feel like you never know what you like until you actually do it.” 

Students can find internship opportunities on They can also visit the Internship and Career Services on campus or speak with their major’s internship coordinator.