Quotes from Candidate Kelly H. McKamey: 

What sets you apart as a city council candidate? 

  • “I believe number one is and history of understanding the proper role of government, especially local and state government. I think that that’s a critical thing to know and understand. And, understanding the foundations of our country’s governing system is vital in every level of government.” 

Why is Rexburg special to you? 

  • “Well, I would say for several reasons. One is that I have raised some of my children here, and I recognize the value of having a community that has strong moral values and a community that, even though it’s not small, it has very good small-town values…where neighbors help neighbors and where people can reach out for help when they need it, and people respond.” 

What challenges do you see in Rexburg that have you concerned? 

  • “The city government, its primary responsibilities are basic infrastructure services, law enforcement and emergency services, and making sure that the quality of life that Rexburg citizens expect is maintained even with the unprecedented growth.” 

Quotes from Candidate Greg Blacker: 

What leadership experience do you have that you can use as a city council member? 

  • My big thing is that you sit in a meeting, everybody talks about what the problem is, and it just drives me crazy because you talk about the problem forever and then you get to the solution and time is already up. So, with my experience in doing different things, being in business and finding solutions to people’s problems… my biggest asset is that I can stay on task and find an answer to the problems that we have.” 

What sets you apart as a city council candidate? 

  • “I like to listen to what people have to say…I do affordable pest control, so I spray bugs. I go into about 10–15 houses every day, and I love to talk to the people, and we talk about issues and stuff and so that’s my biggest asset is that I talk to the people, and we figure out together what we can do.” 

What challenges do you see in Rexburg that have you concerned? 

  • “It’s a dark city…and so if we light some of that up and just make it an inviting city, I think that’s one of our biggest things. That would add safety to us and maybe some people would be out after dark getting their exercise.” 
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